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Not Violent Enough for Jail? You Decide.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

grindersThey call them grinders.  They are disgusting perverted individuals that seek out crowded buses and subways so that they can rub against unsuspecting and usually defenseless women.  While most of us grimace at the thought of this happening, the New York State Court of Appeals feels that as long as the “grinder” doesn’t use force, this activity will be considered a non-violent crime.  Yep, non violent…unbelievable? You decide.

According to today’s story and Bronx man charged with “grinding” on three young women on packed subway cars (including a 17 year old) was given only three years probation.  What would you do if that was your wife or your girlfriend or even your daughter?  Is three years probation enough of a punishment for someone to commit such a violating and disrespectful act?  What do you think?  Read the original story below.

Original article:  Disgusting Subway Pervert Not Violent Enough for Jail