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No Bail Bond for Lego Man

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last Tuesday an 8 foot tall 100 pound "Lego Man" washed up on Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota Florida.  Legoland officials have stated that they are not involved in the stunt, but do admit that they think it is brilliant gorilla markting.

Lego Man

The gigantic Lego Man is wearing a t-shirt that says "No Real Than Your Are" on the front and "Ego Leonard" on the back.  Since no one has come forward to claim the giant man, police are holding "Lego Man" without bail for 90 days.  At that point, if no one claims the man they will release him to Jeff Hindman, the man that found him on the beach. Mr. Hindman stated that he will probably end up selling the Lego Man on eBay.

Original article: Lego Man to Stay in Police Custody in Florida