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Man Hasn’t Paid Bridge Toll in Six Years

Monday, September 5, 2016

man arrestedA New Jersey man who hasn’t paid his bridge tolls in more than SIX years was arrested recently and charged with larceny. 

Levert Caldwell III, 42, was stopped after his vehicle failed to post payment after going over the Outerbridge Crossing. 

Turns out, he owed more than $20,000 in EZPass tolls and fees, the port authority said. They didn’t say if he had an EZPass in his vehicle at the time, or if he was just driving across the bridge with nothing in his window at all. 

It costs $12.50 a trip during peak travel hours. That means he would have racked up $62.50 a week, or $3,250 annually. That’s just for this specific commute! The cash toll is $15, or $3,900 a year, if he was driving 5 days a week. That means he somehow has been getting away with this for a LONG time!

The toll violations weren’t Caldwell’s only issue. The registration and insurance on his vehicle were also expired, which resulted in the vehicle being impounded. Caldwell has also been charged with obstructing government administration and a traffic violation.
We’re guessing he’s not going to be driving across that bridge anytime in the near future.

Bets on if he learned his lesson? 

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Original article:  N.J. Man Arrested, Accused of Racking Up $20K in Tolls

photo credit: (Photo: Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Department)