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Lady Gaga...Bail or Jail?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

beyo gagaDo you have a best friend?  You know, that one friend that you can tell anything to...or do anything with.  That one friend who knows exactly what you are thinking at all times and the friend that you know exactly what they are thinking….that one friend who will wake up in the middle of the night and drive down to the county jail with a bail bondsman to bail you out.  That is what true friendship is all about, and as we all know, that kind of friend is invaluable. 

Just ask Lady Gaga who revealed the other day that if she were ever arrested, she knows Beyonce would be there to bail her out.  Apparently, the two (very different ends of the music spectrum) Divas have developed a very good that apparently goes as far as bailing the other out of jail. 

Knowing Lady Gaga's history of pushing the envelope, especially in countries like India that don't like the envelope pushed, Beyonce might have to live up to the expectations of her friendship.  She should probably keep her phone on 24/7 just in case.  This story begs the question who would you bail out and who wouldn’t you bail out?

Original article: Lady Gaga: 'Beyonce will Bail Me Out of Jail if I Get Arrested'