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Knockout Game Loser: Picking the Wrong Victim

Thursday, February 6, 2014

knockout game revengeYou have probably heard of it by now, but in case you haven’t, there is a horrible game going around called the “knockout game.” It is where a person blindsides and punches an innocent victim trying to knock them out with one punch.  We have purposely not blogging about this topic because of the horrific nature of it, but we finally found an agle that we thought was important to share.  Additionally, since this topic has been in the news a lot lately and has become a new challenge for our criminal justice system, we thought that we would talk about it in today’s bail bond blog post. 

That being said, most of the stories and videos we have all seen about this horrific game is what looks like a group of low life street thugs targeting innocent people for no reason at all.  Each video clip tends to end with the victim on the ground unconscious or stunned.  Well we thought it was time to turn the table and show what happens when you pick on the wrong person…or shall we say the wrong person’s girlfriend.  In this video below from last December, we see a man, who very obviously has some fighting skills, jump into action and not only defend his girlfriend but pretty much annihilate and humiliate the stupid idiots trying to knockout his girlfriend.  All we can say is well done sir…well done.  Watch the video below.

Posted by: Eric Granof

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