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K9 Calling Plans Take Over Indiana Jails

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

cell dogIn keeping with our animal theme from yesterday, we have another canine criminal justice story to share with you.  While yesterday’s story dealt with a dog gone bad, today’s story deals with a dog gone good.  If you pay as much attention to jail related stories as we do, than you know that lately there have been several stories out in the media about inmates having cell phones in prison and/or jail…something which by the way is not allowed.

Well in Terre Haute, Indiana the sheriff decided to take things into his own hand and think outside the box to try and solve the problem.  He worked the K-9 division and was able to train a rescue dog to be able sniff out cell phones.  Yes we said it, the first cell phone sniffing police dog.  Rudy, the dog with the sensitive sniffer, is quickly becoming a valuable asset to law enforcement in Indiana.  The Sheriff has offered to dispatch Rudy to other jails when the need arises.  When asked how he does it, Rudy responded that it is pretty easy, his nose just knows.  And when it comes to the smell of different phones, Rudy said that Apple iPhones smell sweeter than other phones, while Android phones have a more metallic smell.

We wonder if they would rent out Rudy to the public when he has some down time.  We can’t tell you how many times we have lost our cell phone at home.  It would be nice to have the extra nose next time to help.  In fact, maybe they can teach him how to find car keys while they are at it.  Who couldn’t use a little help with that?  Read the original article below.

Original article: Vigo Co. Jail gets phone tracking dog

Written by: Eric Granof