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Jail Cell Beware: In Social Media There is No Delete Button

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

delete keyFrom the BACKSPACE and DELETE keys on your keyboard to the worn out eraser on your pencil, erasing mistakes has always been a pretty easy thing to do.  If you ever did make a spelling mistake, you could fix it and no one would know.  If you ever used the wrong tone in a message, you just backspace out or erased it and rework it.  But in the world of social media, there is no safety after SEND. In otherwords, once you hit that SEND button all bets are off and your thoughts, words and actions are out in the universe for every one to see FOREVER.  Yep, what goes on your Facebook page, doesnt always just stay on your Facebook. It usually ends up in places your never thought and you can't just hit delet to get rid of it.  In fact, according to a recent ruling, your tweets aren't actually just your tweets anymore. They can be accessed by the powers that be regardless if you think you have deleted them. And based on what some people decide to post on Facebook or Tweet out to the world, this can land them in jail in need of a bail bondsman pretty quickly.

Check out the article below. It talks about several cases where people didn't think before they pushed SEND.  Trust us when we say you will never look at your SEND key or DELETE key the same again.

Original article: The Police Don't Need a Warrant to Subpoena Your Tweets, Judge Rules