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Integrity Check: Here Comes the Bribe

Friday, August 24, 2012

bribeIf you were in a position of authority, could you ever take a bribe?  No one would find out, and you could get your hands on some cold hard cash…would you?  What if we told you that we could guarantee that there was absolutely no way anyone would ever know…could you still take the bribe?  Could you live with yourself?

Whether you answered yes or no to the above questions, it is still good to know that integrity is well and alive in Jefferson County, Alabama.  Earlier this week, a man was pulled over by deputies for a traffic violation.  Deputies found out that the man had an outstanding warrant for a failure to appear and upon searching the car found Oxycodone, Hydromorphone and Hydrocodone.  They also found almost $4,000 in cash.  You can probably tell where we are going with this.  The man offered the deputies the cash in exchange for his freedom.  The deputies declined. The man is currently being held on bail of over $150,000.

With all the depressing and negative stories in the media lately, it is nice to hear a story that involves people with character, integrity and honesty.  The entire team at ExpertBail would like to thank the two deputies for their service and commitment to protecting the public and enforcing the law.  Well done.  Read the original article below.

Original article: Failed bribe attempt lands Jasper man in Jefferson County Jail, deputies say