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Hold A Sign Or Go To Jail...Is This Father's Punishment Too Harsh

Friday, March 30, 2012

ThiefWhat would you do if you found out your child stole something?  Would you sit them down and yell at them? Would you ground them from going out and take away their cell phone?  Would you send them to jail and not get them a bail bond? Parenting can be tough enough these days and having to answer any of these questions is not a simple thing to do.  But one parent in Aurora, Colorado had enough and when he found out that his son had stolen $100 from a family member. He came up with his own that hopefully his son will never forget.  Joseph Gonzales is making his son hold a sign on a local street corner that says" I am a thief.  I took money from a family member."

Could you do the same? How would you react?  Is humiliation the best punishment when it comes to teaching kids a lesson?  While I am not a psychologist or an expert in child behavior, I pretty certain about one thing, Jose Gonzalez, probably won't be taking money from a family member any time soon.

Written by Eric Granof

Original Story: Hold a sign or go to jail