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Hogwart's Alumni Jailed for Using Magic in London Riots

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

crabbe arrestOkay, to be honest, he didn't use magic, but he was filmed holding a Molotov in our book that is close enough.  Actor Jamie Waylett, who played  Hogwarts' bully Crabbe in the Harry Potter movie franchise was put in jail for....well…for being a bully.  But instead of beating up poor little Harry Potter, this time Waylett was caught beating up a London neighborhood during the London Riots last year. 

We aren't sure why we decided to take part in the riots in which over 3000 people were arrested, but we have heard rumors that it had something to do with his hatred of Muggles (bad Harry Potter Joke).  Authorities took Waylett's wand away so there would be no disappearing or escape attempts (another bad Harry Potter joke).  Dumbledore and Harry were both unavailable to comment (last time we swear).  

The original story is here: Jamie Waylett, 'Harry Potter's Crabbe, jailed for taking part in London riots.