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High Speed Chase During Funeral Procession

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

kara deansA woman was driving drunk and found herself in a funeral procession as she led the cops on a high-speed chase. Definitely not the best spot to be speeding through!

Kara Rene Deans, 22, reached speeds of more than 100 mph at times. And when she came across police escorting a funeral procession, it didn’t seem to deter her. She aggressively changed lanes and found herself between a police cruiser and the hearse. 
As she continued to pass cars in the procession, she found herself in even more trouble, as she had allegedly rear-ended one of the cars while in the funeral procession. She just didn’t know when to stop!

She eventually ended up trashing the car and wasn’t able to drive it anymore and found herself in the opposite land of traffic where she was quickly arrested. 

She was charged with DUI, felony eluding, felony hit and run and interfering with a funeral procession. She is being held without bond and is SO lucky she didn’t hurt anyone in her drunken shenanigans.

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Original article: DUI Driver Hit Vehicle in Virginia Funeral Procession, Led Police on High Speed Chase

image credit: Fauquier County Sheriff's Office