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Groom’s Explosive Wedding Celebration Gets Him Arrested

Sunday, July 16, 2017

thomas giglio arrestedThis guy may have just gotten married, but the cops sure didn’t take any pity on him when they found out he had been setting off professional fireworks in his backyard!

Thomas Giglio, 39, got married in his own backyard and was so happy and in love, it definitely called for an over-the-top fireworks celebration! But soon, noise complaints came rolling into the police station and the cops had to stop by and pay the wedding party a visit. 

Police showed up around 12:15 a.m. after getting lots of calls about a loud party that was happening nearby with endless fireworks. Giglio told them the loud, flashy display was all a party of his wedding celebration, but the cops didn’t care what it was for! They quickly cuffed him and stuffed him!

Yup, he was arrested and charged with possession of fireworks at his own wedding!

Police found 49 pyrotechnic mortars, a fireworks display cake and numerous firecrackers in the backyard, along with tons of other fireworks that had already been set off. 

Luckily nobody was injured, but is it just us or does this seem a little excessive of a punishment during a wedding? Well, he will 

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Original article: Groom Arrested Over Fireworks Display at Wedding Party

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