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Going to Jail for Facebook

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

no facebookHow often do you use Facebook?  If you are reading this blog post, than we can assume that you looked at Facebook at least once.  But what if someone told you that you couldn’t use Facebook?  Would you use it anyway?  What if that person was a judge?  Yep, we said judge.

Recently in Cook County, Chicago, a young man who was on probation for domestic battery against his girlfriend was ordered to have no contact with her.  He was told not to see her, call her or write her and that includes contacting her on social media sites like Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and of course Facebook.  Well the young man couldn’t contain himself and he had to send a message to the former girlfriend.  So he decided to send her a note on Facebook.  One instant message later, he was now in violation of his probation.  And he can’t claim ignorance because he wrote in his message that “this message will send me to jail.”  We aren’t sure of the rest of the content of the message, but it must have been pretty important, because the young man was re-arrested and a $50,000 bail bond was set by the judge.  Read the original article below.

Original article: Facebook Message to Woman Lands Ex-Boyfriend in Jail