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Going Finger Lickin Crazy

Thursday, September 20, 2012

bucket of chickenHave you ever craved something so bad, and then when the time came to enjoy it, you found out that you couldn’t have it.  You know what we are talking about.  Remember back to when you wanted that Egg McMuffin all morning and then when you finally rolled out of bed and made it over to McDonalds you had to listen to the cashier tell you that it is 11:01 AM and they aren’t serving breakfast anymore.  While most of us would just chalk this up to disappointment and then order the #2 value meal with the super-sized fries and diet coke, some people don’t take disappointment so well.

This past week, a British man was craving some finger licking good Kentucky Fried Chicken.  So he raced over to the local KFC to order himself a bargain bucket of chicken.  Unfortunately the store had closed just 20 minutes earlier and the staff couldn’t provide the man with any chicken.  Well, the man went "El Pollo Loco," and drove his car into the front of the KFC and then went after the staff with a 20 foot metal pole.  He finally launched the pole at the staff, Javelin style, before racing off in his car striking a parked car and then a police cruiser.  By the way, is it just us or doesn’t it always seem like these crazy people get caught because they always end up smashing into a police car.  We don’t know about everyone else, but we are pretty sure that if we were on a rampage, we would try to avoid smashing into the police car…but that is just us.

Anyway, the man was ultimately apprehended and tried using the Chicken Defense, blaming the seven herbs and spices.  The judge wanted nothing to do with the man and sentenced him to 7 ½ years.  Read the original article below...and definitely check out the video footage.

Original Article:  Seven years' jail for man who rammed KFC in car over bargain bucket