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Give up Facebook or Go to Jail? Would You? Could You?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Facebook CrackWhen you wake up in the morning, do you immediately log-on and check your social media accounts?  Do you get antsy and nervous when you haven’t checked how many people liked your most recent Instagram photo?  If so, then you probably need some serious help….just kidding.  But really, if you are addicted to social media like a chipmunk on crack, than you might be interested (or pretty depressed) in the results of a research study by Harris Interactive.  According to the study, 40% of US adults would rather go to jail for the night than give up their social media accounts.  Also on the list of unpleasant activities people would opt for over social media excommunication include:

  • Clean the shower drains of a local gym (yuck)
  • Read War and Peace (c’mon that’s not so bad).  
  • Run a marathon (there’s nothing wrong with exercise)
  • Wait in line at the DMV (there is some merit to this one)
  • Sit in traffic for 4 hours while listening to polka music (I do that every day anyway)
  • Get a root canal (no way)

Below are some additional statistics from the study.  They are both interesting and depressing if you really think about it.

  • Singles are more addicted to social media than couples
  • 63% of all Americans say they’re afraid of missing news, important events or status updates if they aren’t logged onto Facebook (that number jumps to 72% for singles)
  • 27% of people send messages within social networks more than email
  • 38% of those 18-34 log onto social networking sites after they wake up before they check email

How do people use social networks…in other words what network for what?

  • For just looking without posting…LinkedIn wins with 68%, followed by YouTube at 57%, Twitter at 53% (Facebook was 6th with 37%)
  • For sharing things (photos, status updates, etc.) Foursquare came out on top with 44%, followed by Tmblr with 31%, Twitter at 18% and Facebook in 4th with 17%.

So next time you are jonesing for that sweet social media fix, snap out of it.  Put down the big mac, turn off the television, put down the smart phone and unplug.  Go for a walk outside.  In fact bring your dog if you got one, he probably could use the time away from watching too much animal planet.  But before you completely unplug, make sure to come back “like” ExpertBail on Facebook and keep reading our blog (can you really blame me for that one?).  Read the original story below.

Original article: Some Social Media Users Would Rather Go To Jail Than Give Up Facebook