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Fuzzy Tacos, Tip Jars and Bail Bonds

Monday, October 22, 2012

fuzzy tacoHave you ever wondered why Starbucks has a tip jar?  Seriously, you pay over $4 for a cup of coffee and then they want a tip…not cool if you ask us.  Tipping has really gotten out of control in this country.  Everyone feels like they need to be tipped just to provide you good service when service is already part of their job…just saying. 

Anyway, the point of this blog post isn’t the concept of tipping, but rather the placing of the big ugly tip jar that sits in front of every retail establishment nowadays.  From the local Starbucks to the dry cleaner (yep we saw one at a dry cleaner the other day) to the local Fuzzy Taco restaurant everyone wants a tip for service.  First things first….you have to agree, Fuzzy's Tacos is probably the best name ever for a taco stand…but that really isn’t essential to the storyline here…but we felt very important to point out anyway.

A man in Athens-Clarke County was arrested this past weekend for stealing $40 out of the tip jar at his local Fuzzy's Taco restaurant.  We aren’t sure what is more shocking here, the fact that someone would steal a tip jar, or the fact that people actually put $40 in a tip jar in the first place.  Either way, the crime was caught on video and both men were confronted later on by authorities.  We aren’t sure if an arrest was made or a bail bond set, but we do know that both men were barred from Fuzzy’s Taco forever...bummer  Read the original story below.

Original Story: Man Steals Tip Jar From Fuzzy's Taco