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FUI: Facebook’ing Under the Influence

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

fuiDrinking and driving is bad enough, but bragging about it on your Facebook page is just flat out wrong.  Especially, when the DUI involved a hit and run accident that injured four teenagers. And no, this is not a hypothetical situation it really happened in Kentucky.

A Kentucky woman who was issued a DUI for causing an accident while intoxicated and then tried to flee the accident, made things worse for herself when she decided to post a dismissive comment on her Facebook page.  She wrote “My dumb (expletive) got a dui and I hit a car…lol.”  When the judge heard about the comment she ordered that the girl take her Facebook page down and apologize.  While the woman claims she was not trying to make fun of the accident (might want to leave the LOL off the status update next time) she did issue an apology.  However she did not take down her Facebook page per the judge’s order.  As a result the girl was sentenced to 2 days in jail for contempt of court.  Can a judge order a defendant to take down a Facebook page?  Not sure, but for this woman in Kentucky, it looks like she won’t be Facebook’ing much in the near future, at least not for a couple days.

So next time you have a few too many, please don’t get behind the wheel of your car, and please do not get behind the mouse of your computer on Facebook…you never know what stupid thing you might do.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Judge jails woman who refused to delete Facebook account