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Facebook, Nude Photos and Ex-Girlfriends...A Recipe for Jail

Saturday, April 21, 2012

jail for photosIt really is amazing when you think about how many people nowadays are getting thrown in jail for making poor decisions on social media sites.  Over the past few weeks we have shared at least a dozen stories about stupid people doing stupid things online.  Well here we go again.  Another man posted some pictures online and got put in jail.  Of course the pictures were of his ex-girlfriend and she didn’t know he was posting them. The big question ought to be, is the problem with the people that are posting the photos or is the problem with the people who are actually letting people take nude pictures of them. 

I remember the day when my mom sat me down and said, son, if you remember one thing I tell you and one thing only remember this...never let someone take a naked picture of you.  I have lived my entire life with that one piece of advice as a guiding light and it hasn’t got me arrested, looking for a bail bondsman or put in jail yet.  When will people learn that Facebook isn’t email but rather a poster board for the whole world to see your triumphs and mistakes?  Recently seems like people are making a lot more mistakes.  Read the original story below.

Original Story: Man Jailed For Posting Ex-GF’s Nude Photos On Facebook