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Facebook Felon: When Prisoners Use Facebook

Monday, September 17, 2012

facebook lockdownWhen someone is convicted of a crime and sent to jail or prison, it is assumed that they lose some personal freedoms.  Things like cell phones and personal computers are not things that you would expect prisoners to have access to.  However the reality is that sometimes they end up getting access to these things anyway.

For example, a British man who has been convicted of murdering a man in a bar fight back in 2009 has been updating his Facebook page for the past 3 years.  Without access to a smartphone of some kind or the internet, it is shocking that the convicted murderer has still been able to stay connected to the 639 friends he has on Facebook.  By the way, this is the same man that actually posted “I’m twisted at home…feel like killin some1” on Facebook just hours before he murdered the father of three by stabbing him twice.  This man is currently serving a minimum of 17 years.

The father of the convicted man is upset that they decided to shut the page down.  His comment was that they took his son’s freedom away and know they are taking his ability to communicate with friends and family away.  To be honest, we aren’t sure what the issue is here.   There are rules that say prisoners can’t have access to the internet and social networks yet alone cell phones (BTW, he has made posts via a blackberry according to authorities).  Also, let’s not forget…he did kill a man, so denying him Facebook access is the last thing we should be worrying about.  Read the original story here.

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