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Facebook Claims Another Victim - This Time 60 Days in Jail

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Facebook jail timeWhen I think of the word "emergency" many things pop into my head that I would say actually constitute one.   Things like home invasions, robberies, domestic disturbances, burglaries, fires, etc.  You know, things that most of us would consider serious enough to maybe call 911.  The last thing that would probably come to mind as a situation to call 911 would be a disagreement with my wife over Facebook.  Yep, the world’s number one social network has once again proven itself to be lethal.  The victim this time is man in Tampa Bay, Florida.  Apparently he was so anxious to have a little alone time away from his wife with his Facebook page that he even went as far as giving his wife a beer.  Can you believe it…a whole beer?  His devious plan was to get her intoxicated enough with...once again, with one whole beer...that she would fall asleep allowing him the freedom to go on Facebook and chat it up like a high school girl with all his cool friends. 

Well his plan didn't go so well as his wife wanted to look at Facebook with him, so seeing no other option he did the only natural thing he could think 911.  Nice!  The man was arrested.  We aren’t sure if he ever posted a bail bond or needed a bail bondsman, but he was sentenced to 60 days in jail for misusing 911.  So next time you start doing things on Facebook or friending people that your wife might not approve of (like an ex-girlfriend from middle school), rethink whether you hit that friend button or not, because you never know when your wife might want to have a nice evening at home with you and sit down and look at your Facebook page.  Check out the story here.

Written by Eric Granof

Original Story: Florida man jailed after calling 911 on his wife over Facebook