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Expertbail Bailgating Across America: Cowboys, Indians and Bail Bonds

Monday, November 28, 2011

Charles Johnson If you were lucky enough to attend the Cowboys  vs. Redskins game this year than you were treated to a classic Cowboys/Redskins battle.  If you were lucky enough to get to FedEx Field early, than you would have had an opportunity to hang out with ExpertBail Agent Charles Johnson (CJ) of Johnson’s Bonding who was there early Bailgating with his ExpertBail banner, footballs and Redskins tent.

Born and raised in Richmond, CJ is a Redskin’s Season Ticket holder and avid fan of the 3-time Super Bowl Champions.  Keep your eye out for CJ and his friends and family if you happen to make it down to the stadium.  He will be there cooking up some barbecue and passing out ExpertBail footballs.