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ExpertBail and Victim Advocacy Live on the Radio in Dallas

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NCVC-ExpertBailTune in tomorrow morning at 7AM (PST) to hear Jeff Dion, Deputy Executive Director for the National Center for Victims of Crime (NCVC), conduct a live radio interview on KLUV-FM in Dallas, Texas.  NCVC and ExpertBail have been developing an alliance over the past 12 months which has included presentations at each other's conferences as well as a joint radio interview with Jeff and Eric Granof, Chief Marketing Officer of AIA and ExpertBail.

Most people don't put bail bonds and victim advocacy together, but if you look beyond the negative image of bail and challenge those misperceptions the connection becomes crystal clear.  When a bail agent ensures the appearance of a defendant in court, they are in essence ensuring that the victim of that alleged crime is getting their day in court...that they are getting a chance at justice.  If that person does not show up at court then there is no trial and the victim has no chance at justice. And there is no one better than commercial bail agents at getting people to show up for court.

We invite you to tune in to hear Jeff tomorrow morning by clicking on the link below.