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DWI - “Driving Without Intelligence”

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DWIIt is a question that one would never think to ask and a question that one would never expect to be asked, but what do you think would be worse, getting 2 DWI’s in 21 hours or getting a DWI while picking up your husband in jail, who by the way, was arrested for a DWI? 

To be honest the answer doesn’t really matter here, but rather shows the sad state humanity along with the sad state of our criminal justice system.  With little to no accountability built into the system especially around drinking and driving people appear to have no fear of being held responsible for their actions.  The fear is so small that they not only decide to break the law multiple times, but to do so within mere hours of being released from custody for a previous if not the same crime.  Or even worse they break the law right inside a police station.

This past weekend in St. Cloud, Minnesota, these crazy scenarios actually happened.  A man who was arrested for a DWI was released without a bail bond.  Within 21 hours of his initial arrest, he was picked up again for a DWI.  This goes beyond unlucky and can definitely be defined as pure stupidity.  The amazing thing, this isn’t even the worse story of the weekend.  Another woman arrived at the same police station to pick her husband up because he had been arrested for a DUI.  In order for authorities to release the man into the custody of the woman, they require that she pass an alcohol screening test.  The woman took the breath test and failed.  She was immediately booked and placed into custody.  So once again, which person do you think committed the worse offense…and remember we are defining DWI in this case as “Driving Without Intelligence?”  Read the original story below.

Original article: Man gets 2 DWIs in 21 hours near St. Cloud