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DWI Dismissed Because Driver’s Body is a Brewery

Monday, January 4, 2016

woman breweryWell this is one we haven’t heard before! A motorist was arrested last year and charged with aggravated driving while intoxicated charges, but a local judge recently dismissed it. But it is the reason behind it what really has us intrigued!

When the 35-year-old schoolteacher was arrested last year, her blood alcohol level measured .33. That is more than four times higher than the state of New York’s legal limit, where the arrest took place.

But after her case went to trial, the judge decided to dismiss the charges after hearing medical evidence that the woman suffers from a rare intestinal disorder called “Auto-Brewery Syndrome” that sometimes turns ordinary food and beverages into alcohol in a person’s body. Yup, you read that right! Without even drinking booze, she can get drunk!
Essentially, her digestive system has so much yeast in it that it automatically functions like a “brewery.” Who knew that was even possible?!

Her lawyer went above and beyond to prove his client’s innocence. The lawyer described the case as “bizarre and unusual - one of the strangest cases I’ve ever been involved with in more than 30 years as a lawyer.”

After her arrest, the woman, along with her husband, swore she only consumed about 3 beverages within a 5 hour period, which wouldn’t even come close to a blood alcohol level of .33. 

Her lawyer spent tons of time searching the internet for a possible explanation and finally came upon Dr. Barbara Cordell from Texas, who published a study on “Auto-Brewery Syndrome.” The lawyer immediately sent his client to be examined by a physician who has treated people for the syndrome in the past. Sure enough, she has the disease! 

The woman had to check her own BAC on 18 separate occasions, all when she didn’t have a drop of alcohol. Almost every time, her BAC measured at or above the state’s legal limit, generally finding she had a BAC of .20 percent or above! Without even drinking! She also had to submit to the same type of testing in a hospital setting where two nurses and a physician’s assistant conducted the tests. The same results occurred!
How is this woman not falling down and able to function on a daily basis?! It seems she has developed an extremely high tolerance and is able to function.. even as a school teacher!

It is believed that no more than 50-100 people have been officially diagnosed with the illness. 

After the findings, the lawyer submitted the information to the judge asking him to dismiss the case, which is exactly what he did, despite the DA’s office opposing the motion. 

The DA’s office isn’t too pleased with the reversal of the verdict and plans to appeal and have the case reinstated. It doesn’t look like this woman’s legal woes are going away anytime soon.

On a positive note, because the woman has now been under a doctor’s care for the syndrome, she has been able to change her diet and since doing so, hasn’t had a single episode!

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Original article: Woman’s Body Acts As “Brewery”, so Judge Dismisses DUI

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