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Crime Scene Follies: Criminals Break the First Rule of Car-Jacking

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

crime sceneHave you ever heard the expression, “return to the scene of the crime?”  While most of us relate this phrase to make believe crime dramas on television and amateur detectives, it is easily the first rule of being a criminal and really probably bad advice to follow if you happen to be someone committing a crime…and just for the record we don’t typically give advice to criminals in this bail bond blog unless of course it is bad advice.  That being said, there are two men in Maryland who apparently have never heard of this phrase or have never seen one of these old school crime dramas because they broke the 1st rule of car-jacking and got busted.

This past week at a 7 Eleven in Silver Spring, Maryland, three men car jacked a woman and took her Ford Focus.  Now we could question the motive here because we can’t seem to see the logic in carjacking a Ford Focus, but logic doesn’t seem to be these two carjackers modus operandi.  Because later that day…in fact, only 2 hours later that day… two of these three braniacs showed back up at the same 7 Eleven (apparently a joy ride in a Ford Focus lasts only 2 hours before the excitement wears off).  Call it stupid luck or just stupid, but the timing of their return couldn’t have been worse.  When the men showed up, the woman who they carjacked was being interviewed by the police.  She looked over saw them and identified them to police.  Police quickly apprehended the two men and they confessed to the crime.  The third man, who decided returning to the scene of the crime was a bad idea, is still at large. Read the original story below.

Original story: Idiot Alleged Car-Jackers Return To The Scene Of The Crime Two Hours Later, Get Arrested

Written by: Eric Granof

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