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Couple’s Ferris Wheel Nookie Doesn’t Stay in Vegas

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

ferris wheel sexEvidently, what happens in Vegas DOESN’T always stay in Vegas! 

A security officer noticed some shenanigans taking place on the Caesars Entertainment attraction, High Roller, at the center-Strip Linq. Passengers in one of the cabins were not only smoking, but undressing!

Guests in another cabin noticed what was going on as well and started recording the acts with their phones, and it surely didn’t seem to bother the two getting busy!
The security officer ended up using the intercom to tell the amorous couple to “please put all cigarettes out and put all clothes back on.” Busted!

That didn’t seem to stop them, however, because soon, they were back at it. They simply refused to stop when there was a second request to end the tryst. So the Las Vegas police were called. 

When the 30-minute ride was complete, the police were waiting for Chloe Scordianos, 21, and Philip Frand Panzica, 27, who were both now fully dressed. They were arrested and charged with committing sex acts in public, which is a felony! 

They swore they didn’t think anybody would notice and were just having a good time. But the video recordings told another story. It was clear what the intent was and they exposed way more than people in other cabins on the ride needed to see… including children. But wait... it gets better! Panzica was in Vegas to get married... to someone else!

Caesars may want to think about changing some of the cabins of the High Roller ride, as this isn’t the first time people were spotted having sex in the all-glass cabins. Managers have said that public indecency is happening more and more, which they fear will impact the reputation and business operations. There’s even a site that talks all things Vegas and offers an article about “11 Vital Tips for Having Sex on the High Roller.” 

Scordianos and Panzica were booked in jail and later posted their $3,000 bond. They were arraigned and are expected back in court at a later date and fully clothed. 

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Original article: Amorous Couple’s Ride on the High Roller Ends With Felony Arrest

image credit: Philip Frank Panzica III and Chloe Scordianos (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept.)