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Confidence or Stupidity: Stealing a Car in a Jail Parking Lot?

Friday, March 16, 2012

stupid thiefWhenever you read a story about someone being accused of a crime or being convicted of a crime, you always have to try and put yourself into their shoes and wonder what was going on in their mind to think that whatever they did was a good idea...or that they would get away with it.  Well, after reading this next story, you will really feel the need to ask yourself that question...what they heck was this guy thinking.  Did he really have that much confidence that he wouldn’t get caught?  Did he actually want to get caught because the accommodations at the Okaloosa County Jail are that good?  We will probably never know, but something caused a Florida man to attempt to break into a car just minutes after he was released from jail.  Read the full story by clicking the link below.

Original Story: Florida man charged with breaking into cars in jail parking lot just after his release,