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C'mon We're All Going Streaking

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

streakerThe naked human body can be both beautiful and hilarious.  Our obsession with nudity probably starts when we are kids.  That incredible feeling of freedom as we sprang from our diaper shackles and ran through the house with our parents chasing us, praying we didn't have an accident in the process (that teaches them for buying white carpet in the first place). But with the freedom of nakedness also comes the giggles and the uncontrollable laughing (or maybe it’s just my kids). 

Anyway, turn the clock forward 30-40 years and being naked takes on a whole new meaning, but sometimes in the just the right situation it is still pretty funny.  Just search “streaking” on Google and you will see some pretty hilarious images.  But the comedy definitely ends when you mix “nudity” and law enforcement.  Just ask the Chicago policemen that showed up at a bizarre scene last Saturday morning.  The policeman were called in on a suspected car burglary, and instead of running into the usual crime scene, they ran into a naked guy hanging in a parking lot.  Even worse, the naked man kicked things into “streaking” mode and took off running.  What this means of course is that the policemen had to run after him (and btw, naked running is not the good kind of naked).  To top it off, the chase had to ultimately end with the police tackling the naked guy, which unfortunately for them, involved a little unplanned naked wrestling.

All I know is sometimes you just have to take your hat off to law enforcement...because sometimes, it is a dirty job, and keeping the peace just might involve tackling a naked guy. 

Ultimately the naked man was arrested and his bail bond was set at $2000.  See the original story below.


Original article:  Naked man arrested; taken to hospital, jail