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Church Crimes: The Lord Giveth and This Nun Taketh Away

Monday, July 8, 2013

nunHave you ever wondered where all the money goes that your church collects on Sunday mornings?  You know the silver bowl/plate that gets passed around and everyone chips in a little pocket cash to help out.  Well in Albion, New York, the church donations weren’t going to fund the daycare program, but rather were going on the #6 horse in the third race to win.  According to authorities, one of the church’s nuns needed a little confession time of her own.  Apparently she had been skimming the donations for months and gambling them away.  Unfortunately for the nun, the big man upstairs didn’t take so kindly to her church donation “investment program” and put a big black cloud over gambling resulting in losses of $128,000.  The nun was sure to spread the wealth or crime and stole from a church in Kendall, New York as well as Holley, New York.

There are no details in the article on the arrest or if she was given a chance to contact a New York Bail Bond Agent, but the article did point out that she was sentenced to five years of probation and 100 hours of community service (which is strange, because isn’t that pretty much the job description of a nun in the first place?).  She will also have to pay back the full amount she stole from the churches.  This might be difficult for her because based on our calculations and an average annual salary of a nun (which is pretty much “none” (get it?) or $0, since all nuns wages are given up to the church), it looks like this nun won’t be paying off her debt anytime soon.  Talk about a life sentence.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Nun Sentenced for Stealing From Churches for Gambling Addiction

Written by: Eric Granof