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Cell Phone Turns in Own User with Strategic Pocket Dial

Saturday, April 14, 2012

cell phone 911Well we can't give the phone all the credit.  But for once a "smart" phone did a really "smart" thing.  It dialed 911 by itself and reported a crime.  Unfortunately for the owner of the phone, he was the one committing it.

Yes, we have all done it. Looked down at our cell phone and noticed that we had called someone by accident.  The question always then becomes, how long have they been there?  What did they hear me say?  What the heck did I say?  It has been the cause of countless fights amongst couples and countless punishments for teenage children, but this next story takes the cake.  A man in Seattle, Washington accidently pocket dialed someone while he was in the middle of stealing a car.  The problem was the person that he pocket dialed was the 911 dispatch operator.  As you can imagine, he is no longer out stealing cars, but rather sitting in jail hoping his cell phone pocket dials a local Seattle bail bondsman to bail him out.  Read the story below.

Original Story: Man pocket-dials 911 while allegedly stealing cars in WA