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Branding Bail Bonds: Turning Expertise into Meaning

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ExpertBail LogoBack in June, The ExpertBail Team presented at the Vocus User’s Conference in Baltimore Maryland. Vocus is a leading on-demand public relations management provider and invited ExpertBail to present our story to their user base. Below is a blog posted by Vocus and an interview with AIA and ExpertBail’s Chief Marketing Officer, Eric Granof, talking about ExpertBail and why it was important to create our industry's first national brand.

For years, says Eric Granof, Chief Marketing Officer of AIA, bail agents have fought an uphill battle.  Although they assist clients who are in trouble with the law, they usually are not depicted as a helping hand.

“I think Hollywood and the media have consistently portrayed bail agents as these long-haired, tattooed, gold chain wearing criminals that run through the streets with guns blazing,” says Eric Granof. “But the reality is that they’re really nothing like that.  I think it sells a lot of tickets – and probably makes it a lot more interesting than it really is – but at the end of the day, bail agents are pretty much just like you and me.”

Here’s Eric discussing people’s misperceptions of the bail industry, how Vocus has helped AIA overcome that misperception, and the role Vocus played in AIA’s launch of the industry’s first national brand, ExpertBail. ExpertBail is also the focus of our latest Customer Case Study, which you can read here.

ExpertBail case study

Original Blog Posting: How Vocus Helped a Bail Bonds Company Build a Brand