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Billboard With a Message: PULL UP YOUR PANTS...Your Future Depends on It.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

saggy pantsIf you are as sick and tired as the rest of us when it comes to looking at the underwear of our youth, then you are going to enjoy this next bail bond blog post.  And if you agree with the message, please “like” ExpertBail’s Facebook page and tell us what you think.

A Memphis, Tennessee business man decided that it was time to send a message to our youth…while at the same time, garnering some attention for his business, Fred L. Davis Insurance Agency (and we are definitely giving him mention here and a back link to his site because we are so impressed with his message and initiative).  Anyway, Mr. Davis ponied up $6000 to purchase advertising on a local Memphis billboard.  On the billboard he displayed the message, “Show Your Mind.  Not Your Behind.”  Pictured on the billboard to one side is a young, proud college graduate holding his degree.  On the other side of the billboard is a picture that we have all seen too many times of a young person with their pants down and their underwear showing.  For most of us, the message here is pretty clear…we just hope that some of our youth will see this billboard, gain some focus and some self-respect and for heaven’s sake, pull their pants up.  What do you think?  Original article posted below.


Posted by: Eric Granof
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