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Better than a Bail Bond Bumper Sticker

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bail Bond HotlineStanding out in an extremely competitive market is the challenge that every small business must face.  For the bail bond industry that is especially true.  In fact, some of the most off the wall promotions and advertisements you will ever see come from the bail bond industry.  But as a consumer, how are you to know what bail bond agencies are legitimate and which ones are fly by night organizations that you shouldn't trust. 

ExpertBail Agent Mark Tamez put his creativity together with his concrete, verified endorsement from the ExpertBail Network and created a standout, mobile advertising machine.  So the next time you see this blazing, bail bonbshell crusing by, remember that it is being driven by one of the most professional and trusted bail agents in Texas, Mark Tamez of Bail Bond Hotline.  ExpertBail congratulates Mark and the entire Bail Bond Hotline team for coming up with such a creative expression of their brand...and for the record....the "Trusted" ExpertBail logo looks great!

Written by: Michael Whalen