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Bail & Jail Information: Allen County, LA

Friday, January 7, 2011

Allen Parish Sheriff's Office:

601 Court Street
Oberlin, LA 70655
Phone: 337-639-4353 - Fax:  337-639-2855

The Allen parish Correctional Center was established in 1913. The newer facility, what was put into service in 1966 houses the inmates, it is called The White House. Presently, the corrections facility is able to house 41 prisoners, deu to the fact that they have more than the facility available, they can actually hold approximately 45 additional inmates. The corrections facility is manger by the Allen Parish Sheriff’s Department Personnel.

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A.P.S.O.’s Mission:

The mission of the Allen Parish Sheriff's Office is to provide the finest public safety services to all those within Allen Parish. To accomplish this mission, we will work in unison with other law enforcement and community agencies to enforce and uphold all laws for which we are responsible. The Sheriff's Office will maintain a secure, safe and orderly jail that recognizes the dignity of all individuals, while adhering to the standards and guidelines set forth by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections. The Sheriff's Office will serve by protecting individual rights, safeguarding public and private property, assisting in emergency situations, and performing all other essential services. In order to accomplish this mission, the Sheriff's Office will implement the most extensive training and schooling provided. We will maintain the highest level of integrity while working diligently and professionally to provide a safe environment for the public and our members.