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Bail Bondsman Keeping People Warm in San Diego

Monday, January 30, 2012

ExpertBail San Diego Rescue Mission DonationThis past weekend in San Diego, California the homeless community received an incredible gift.  A local San Diego businessman donated over $1000 in money and blankets to the San Diego Rescue Mission.  This local businessman is not only an active member of his community but also an active member of the bail bond industry...yes, we said bail bond industry.  ExpertBail Agent Marco Li Mandri of A to Z Bail Bonds/Big Marco Bail Bonds has been collecting blankets and donations over the past few weeks and presented them to the San Diego Rescue Mission this past Saturday afternoon.

Marco Li Mandri of A to Z Bail BondsIn addition to the truckload of blankets delivered, Marco also presented a check for $500 on behalf of the ExpertBail Network.  This is just one example of the many thing that Big Marco does in the San Diego Area.  He is truly an active member of his community and is doing his best to ensure the well being of those around him. The entire ExpertBail family of agents would like to thank Marco and his team for not only driving this great cause, but for being an incredible representative of the bail bond industry and the community at large.

Bail bonds and blankets



  Donated blankets filling the offices of A to Z Bail  
  Bonds/Big Marco Bail Bonds


Bail bonds and blankets



  Dropping off the blankets at the San Diego
  Rescue Mission



Written by: Eric Granof