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Bail Bonds, Wedgies and YouTube

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

wedgieYou have to admit that everyone likes a good YouTube video.  Whether it is a cat doing the backstroke in a swimming pool, a bulldog skateboarding or a prankster jumping out of the bushes at innocent people passing by, we all seem to be attracted to this in your face, reality based humor.  But just like everything, sometimes people take it too far.

Last weekend in Manatee County, Florida and young man ended up in jail because, according to authorities, he went on a wedgie spree.  Yes, we said wedgie.  We aren’t sure of the size of the wedgie he was delivering (i.e., the atomic wedgie – when the waistband gets pulled above your head) but we do know that he upset a lot of people.

The wedgie spree took place in a Florida movie theater.  The young man was going up to people and giving them wedgies and then asking if they wanted to hit him…all while his friend filmed.  Only one of the victims chose to press charges.  Apparently the other victims were too embarrassed.  The young man was arrested and then released on a $750 bail bond.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Wedgie-spree at Florida theater lands prankster in jail