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Bail Bonds, Voodoo and Big Bad Whoodoo!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Voodoo Bail BondsTrying to get help to save your marriage is something that many couples do.  From individual counseling to couples therapy, there is a wide range of potential ways to try and make it work.  The challenge is when these methods don’t work.  Where do you turn?  Well a retired CIA employee turned to voodoo to solve his marriage problems.  First he simply tried to use the age old form of black magic to try and fix the problems between him and his wife.  After many failed spells, he turned his motivation from saving the marriage to ending the marriage all together.  He tried to use voodoo to get rid of his wife and his problems.  When that didn’t work, he went old school and asked his nephew to do the deed.  Unfortunately, soliciting someone to commit murder is still pretty much illegal everywhere. 

The man was ultimately arrested.  We aren’t sure if a bail bond was set, but he was sentenced to four years in prison.  In order to protect the guards and his wife from further voodoo attacks, he is prohibited from any prison activity involving dolls and pins.   Read the original story below.

Original story: Retired CIA employee attempts voodoo to kill estranged wife, gets jail time

Written by: Eric Granof