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Bail Bonds, Topless Women and Bra-Busting Legislation

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

No toplessNo matter what your political affiliation or religious beliefs, you will probably have a pretty strong opinion about this next story out of North Carolina.  It has to do with being topless…and we aren’t talking about convertibles.   So the question becomes, does a woman have the right to bare herself in public or does it cross a line of decency? If it does cross a line, at what point do you draw that line?  Well, according to a recent article out of Asheville, North Carolina, current politicians want that line to be a big black "sensored" one and are pushing to have it placed right across the breasts of all women.  They believe that breasts are best when covered up in public, and if you don’t comply, you and your breasts will go straight to jail. 

Back in 1970, an appeals court ruled that breasts cannot be considered private parts, however current legislators are not in agreement with the “bare all” nature of the ruling.  Instead they are looking to introduce a bill that would ban women from going topless (ohhh the horror)…and make them criminally accountable if they decide to bare their breasts anyway.  Of course, women who are breast feeding their babies will not be held in violation of the new ordinance.  According to the proposed legislation, the crime will be considered a misdemeanor and come with a penalty of 30 days in jail.  If the breasts were shown intentionally for purposes of “arousal” than the crime can be considered a felony with up to a 6 month jail sentence.  

Like every law there is a bit of a loophole in the language.  A woman will not be considered in violation of the law if the whole breast is not visible…so in other words, a little strategically placed tape underneath the breast could be all someone needs to avoid jail time.  Read the original story below.

Original story: North Carolina would jail topless women