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Bail Bonds, Swingers and a Crepe Maker...Yeah We Said Crepe Maker

Friday, August 23, 2013

swinging bail bondsThe next time you decide to do a little swinging with your significant other, make sure to really look at the people you choose to do your swinging with…and just for the record, when we say swinging, we aren’t talking about the kind you do on a playground.  In this next bail bond blog post, we are going to Upper Pottsgrove, Pennsylvania, where Hershey chocolate bars fill the store shelves and swingers roam the street looking for other swingers to swing with. Swingers? In Pennsylvania?  Yep.

According to authorities, a man and his wife met another couple for some good time swinging on a local swingers’ website (yes they do exist).  After a couple years of a consensual relationship between couples (yes this does happen), the relationship turned sour and the swinging came to an end.  Unfortunately for one couple, the swinging morphed into swindling or what the local authorities like to call “burglary.”  This happened when one of the men in the strange relationship decided to visit the house of the other couple while they were away and take some things.  Things like laptop computers (containing nude photos of the couple of course), 15-20 bottles of wine, undergarments, sex toys (what else do you expect, they are swingers) and last but not least, what every swinging criminal needs…a crepe maker.

The man was ultimately sentenced to 30 days in the county prison and then the remaining 22 months under house arrest.  He will also be required to pay over $2,000 in restitution…and we are pretty sure he had to return the crepe maker.  Read the original story below.

Original story: Area Man Heading to Jail After Breaking Into Home of Swinger Friends

Posted by: Eric Granof