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Bail Bonds, Shoplifters and Probably the Worst Mom in the World

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

cart of deceiptWhatever happened to the concept of family loyalty? You know, the belief that you stand beside and protect and care for your family no matter what.  It is a concept that most parent develop the second they look into their child’s eyes for the first time and that stays with them throughout their entire life.  While this concept seems like a no brainer, unfortunately it is not an absolute.  In fact, we just saw a story about a mom that not only didn’t stand by her child in time of a crisis, but rather stood behind her and let the child take the fall.  Oh yeah, and the child was only 10 years old.

Back in January, a Morgan Hill, California woman was caught shoplifting at a local Walmart.  But she was only the mastermind of the criminal plot.  The actual culprit committing the act was her 10 year old daughter who she was having wheel out a shopping cart full of goodies from the store.  And believe it or not, that is not even the worst part of the story.  When security moved in and stopped the 10 year old from wheeling out of the store, the mom didn’t fess up and protect her daughter.  Instead, she grabbed her other child (an 11 month old boy who she was obviously educating in the family business) and took off, leaving the 10 year old girl to fend for herself.  Can you say Mom of the Year?

The woman was ultimately caught out of state and brought back to California for trial.  She was eventually sentenced to 60 days in jail plus theft prevention classes.  We aren’t sure if a bail bond was set, but she did plead guilty to the crime.  The 10 year old girl is currently living with her grandparents for the foreseeable future and is not charged with any crime however, she does get to keep the memory of her mom selling her out for a lifetime. Read the original story below.

Original article: Mom sent to jail for using 10-year-old to steal groceries