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Bail Bonds, Seatbelts and Soda Cans

Monday, November 4, 2013

arrest challengeThis past week there have been two interesting arrest stories circulating through the media.  It is important to point out that neither arrest involved a violent or inappropriate act.  In fact, they were both pretty harmless and that is why we wanted to make them the topic of today’s bail bond blog post and have you vote to see which one is more ridiculous. 

Arrest #1:  In New York a woman had a run in with police after she had just made a purchase at her local bodega.  When she emerged from the store, police approached her and asked her about her purchase.  She showed them that she had purchased a bottle of Sprite.  After searching her they told her to be on her way.  She refused to leave and they ended up arresting her.  She ended spending 5 days in jail.  Read the original story here…Lawsuit: Woman Spent 5 Days in Jail For Soda Possession.

Arrest #2:  In Georgia, a woman was arrested for failing to adjust her seatbelt.  In other words, she was caught by police putting her seatbelt on at an intersection (which by the way typically is simply a $15 fine).  When police ran her driver’s license, they discovered that a woman sharing the same name as her was wanted on an outstanding warrant.  Even though the woman didn’t fit the description of the wanted woman, she was still brought in to the station and placed in jail overnight.  She sued the police and recently loss the case when the 11th Circuit Supreme Court determined that the police did not violate the 4th Amendment in the case by placing the woman in jail overnight. Read the original story here…Eleventh Circuit Upholds Jail for $15 Citation, Where Law Says No Jail. 

Which arrest case do you think is more ridiculous?  One over a seat belt violation or one over a bottle of soda? 


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