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Bail Bonds, Satan and a Beef Stick

Monday, January 14, 2013

satanTrust us when we say that the title of this blog isn’t half as ridiculous as the actual story behind the blog.  It all started with a man was caught walking out of a Kroger in Athens, Georgia drinking a soda and a beef stick.  Apparently he had forgotten to pay for the two healthy snacks.  When police arrived on the scene, the man said that someone on the internet told him to get those items.  Additionally, when questioned further, the man stated that he works for Seal Team Six (we didn’t know they were hiring)…and had recently caught Satan in a bottle.  The bottle was actually in his book bag (by the way there is no confirmation in the article or one being made by the police confirming the capture of Satan).

The man was booked into the local jail and his possessions were logged and taken into custody (we can only assume that this includes his bottle with Satan in it).  We are not sure if he has been released on a bail bond yet.  The only confirmation of the man’s interaction with Satan by the police was the nice little tattoo of him on the man’s neck, which by the way goes very well with the spider web tattoo on the side of his eye.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Professed Satan catcher caught shoplifting from Athens store