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Bail Bonds, Samurais and a Naked Guy

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

samuraiWhich headline sounds worse..."Man with Samurai Sword on the Loose" or "Naked Man with Samurai Sword on the Loose?"  If you are like most people then you probably chose the second headline.  And to be honest, if you did choose the second headline, like most, you probably wouldn’t even notice the samurai sword if the naked guy was coming at you.  Sometimes just the sight of other things (you know what we are talking about) can be scary enough to distract you from the real threat…being of course the samurai sword.

Well, before you think we are making this up, check out this story from San Jose, California.  Not only did the man have a samurai sword, but he also had an assault rifle.  Couple that with being naked and you have a powder keg of trouble brewing.   Luckily, after a 2 hour standoff, thirty-two San Jose Police officers (yep we said 32) were able to focus on the task at hand and apprehend the man before he could harm anyone or himself.  Police have not provided any further details other than that they are sure the man was not a real Samurai warrior.  We are not sure of the details of the charges or bail bond amount set, but we are pretty sure that the suspect will not be wielding his sword in the streets of san Jose anytime soon.  Read the original story below.

Original article: San Jose: Naked man with sword and assault rifle arrested