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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

prostitutionAs we write this blog post we are not only shocked, but also silently shaking our head from side to side in disbelief.  If you are an avid reader of the ExpertBail blog then you can probably remember late last year when we blogged a story (Bail Bonds and Braniancs: Not Enough Time for Love) about a man who called 911 to complain about his recent encounter with a prostitute.  He was upset that the prostitute had cut his time short.  Well, who would have thought that we would ever be able to approach this same ridiculous subject once again, but here we are.  Yes, lightening has struck twice and this time it has occurred in Columbia, Missouri.

This past weekend, a man was conducting business with a couple ladies of the evening and had carefully negotiated what he thought was a pretty good deal.  After the deal was signed, probably with a handshake or something similar, the ladies (and we use that term loosely), decided to short change the man and not fully complete the agreed upon terms of the contract (it is much harder to dance around this subject than you think).  The man, like any other concerned and disgruntled consumer, did what he thought right and called the police and reported that he had been ripped off.  What the man didn’t realize (which is of course the most shocking part of this) is that prostitution is still sort of illegal and complaining to the cops about a sex for money deal gone bad is almost like telling them that your drug dealer ripped you off this week.

As you can imagine, the cops responded to the complaint and proceeded to arrest the man on suspicion of patronizing prostitution.  He was booked into Boone County Jail and released on a $500 bail bond.  Next time maybe he should check the ratings on Yelp or at the Better Business Bureau before he decides do dabble in the world’s oldest profession…and we aren’t talking about bail bondsmen.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Complaint about prostitutes lands man in jail