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Bail Bonds, Kitty Cats and Jailbreaks

Monday, January 7, 2013

Cat CaughtIf you own a pet, then you have probably seen your pet at one time or another do some pretty funny things.  For example, we know of a person in Los Angeles, California whose dog would chew gum and blow bubbles.  We have heard of another dog in San Francisco who could bark the word “hello.”  No matter how crazy the trick, it seems like somewhere in the world there is a person with a pet that can do it.  Well today’s blog post is about the craziest pet trick that we have ever come across and while it does not involve something as crazy as a cat posting a bail bond, it does involve a cat trying to break some inmates out of jail. 


This past week in a Brazilian jail, a cat (yes, we said cat) was caught trying to assist some inmates from breaking out of jail.  The cat was spotted on the northeastern Brazilian jail’s grounds by a guard.  After a quick double-take the guard noticed that something didn’t look right with the cat.  Maybe it was that the cat was wearing a few items that most cats probably wouldn’t be carrying.  In fact, the cat wasn’t so much wearing the items as much as the items being tape to the cat.   The items were a cell phone, a memory card, an earphone, two saws, drills and a number of batteries (geez, we can’t even carry that much stuff in our own pockets).  The cat was immediately taken into custody and of course questioned.  As you can imagine, the case has hit a dead end because the cat isn’t talking much.  Authorities have stated that all 263 inmates are currently suspects.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Cat caught smuggling mobile phone and tools into prison to assist breakout