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Bail Bonds: Junior Stahlman Setting The Bar for the Bail Industry

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

junior stahlmanThe bail bond industry has been notoriously misjudged and mischaracterized throughout the years. The unfortunate reality is there are some of those bad apples that fit the “typical” bail bond agent that the entertainment industry portrays.

The truth of the matter? There are far more regular people in the business, like you and me… they just happen to run a bail bond business. Just like most business owners,  they run it professionally and proudly and make sure it is regulated to the state’s regulations.

Junior Stahlman is the owner of King Stahlman Bail Bonds and is the perfect example of a bail bond agent who embodies professionalism, knowledge and experience. He took over the family business after his infamous father, King Stalhman, passed away. He continues to run his business the way his father did, “My dad was perfect for this job. He really had a heart for it. That allowed him to be effective. He really cared a lot about this town, about helping people in it, helping them through things. That’s what he passed on to me, and what I try to instill in my employees today.”

The customer service and compassion that Junior brings to the field continues to set them apart from the competition. Check out the rest of the article to learn more about Junior Stahlman: Just Don’t Call Him ‘Prince Stahlman.’

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