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Bail Bonds, Jail Time and a Bucket List

Monday, March 11, 2013

bucket listOne of the things that keep most people on the straight and narrow and on their best behavior (other than a desire to do good of course) is the threat and fear of getting caught and going to jail.  Unfortunately, we have all heard the horror stories of what happens to people in jail, especially to the more inexperienced guys who have no concept how to navigate and survive this scary and dangerous place. 

While this is the frame of mind for most people, it wasn’t for a retired Ohio teacher who decided that he not only deserved jail time, but was looking forward to it.  This past week a 71 year old teacher from Cincinnati, Ohio decided that he didn’t want to pay a bail bondsman or the $160 dollar fine associated with his broken brake light.  Instead he opted for jail time, 3 full days.  According to the article, he described the jail sentence as a way to check off an item on his bucket list…you know that list we all create of the things we want to do and experience before we die.  We aren’t sure about you all but we know one thing for certain and that is that doing time in jail is not on our list.  The man got his dream and he was sentenced to three days and he did the hard time with a good attitude and a smile on his face.  In fact, afterwards he described the experience as a “good time.” 

Now please understand that we are not trying to make a social commentary out of this story, but if you really do think about it doesn’t it seem a little ridiculous for this man to have such a flippant attitude about our criminal justice system?  We understand that he is looking at a very minor offense, but there is a fine line between being accountable for your actions and trying to make a mockery of the system and wasting our tax-dollars.  We are strong supporters of people in the community leading by example…do you think this man is sending the right message?  Do you think he is correct in his actions?  How would you have handled the situation?  Read the original story below.

Original article: Ohio retiree tries out jail as one of the many items on his bucket list and says he ‘had a good time’