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Bail Bonds & Jail Info: Columbia, SC

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

If someone you know has been arrested and needs a bail bond agent in Columbia, South Carolina, read this blog.

Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center
201 John Mark Dial Drive
Columbia, South Carolina 29209

The Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center is an essential part of the Criminal Justice System in Richland County, South Carolina. As such the Detention Center is committed to providing its users and citizens of Richland County with quality and efficient service.


Q.  What are the rules for inmate visitation?
A. Visitation is scheduled Monday through Friday, 08:15AM to 08:30PM, except during meal time, shift changes, and lockdown periods. Each inmate is permitted to choose himself/herself a single one (1) hour visitation time slot per week. Only two (2) visitors are allowed to visit an inmate at one time. Persons under the age of 18 are counted as one of their visitors. Visitors must be properly dressed (determined by the detention staff). Visitors and guests must have a photo ID for identification.Attorney visitation may be conducted privately in the attorney visitation room or in the unit multi-purpose room areas.

Q.  What is bail bond and how can I post it?
A.  Bond is monetary assurance that a person will appear in court and answer to their charges at a later time. Persons arrested on traffic and misdemeanors can post bond and be released providing they do not have any other holds. The bond amount is determined by the specific charge(s). If you are in need of a bail bond agent, contact a Trusted Member of the ExpertBail Network at 800.938.2245

Q. I have more detailed questions, who can I contact?
A. For specific jail information, click on the link for the jail's administration list to have someone assist you. If you need further help with locating a bail bond agent, call 800.938.BAIL.