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Bail Bonds & Jail Info: Charleston, SC

Friday, March 18, 2011

Charleston County Detention Center
"The House"
3841 Leeds Avenue,
Charleston, SC

Contact Information:
Ashley Cash, Director of Support Services (843) 529-7332
Inactive Records (843) 529-7320
Logistics/ Environmental (843) 529-7431
Food Services (843) 529-7361
Detention Center Victim Services (843) 529-7471
Commissary (843) 529-7497

24 Hours, 7 Days per Week:
Communications/ Information (843) 529-7300
Medical Services (843) 529-7346
Detention Center Victim Services (843) 412-1433
Chief Deputy Mitch Lucas – Jail Administrator

The Operations Division within our Charleston County Detention Center is comprised of four Teams.
*      The Operations Division maintains care and custody of inmates housed in the Detention Center. This includes maintaining proper security; conducting rounds and periodic counts of inmates; maintaining proper order and decorum among inmates; searching inmates; ensuring that the living quarters of inmates and the areas for which they are responsible are kept in a sanitary condition; issuing supplies to inmates; supervising the dispensing of food; checking incoming and outgoing mail; supervising work details of inmates in their units; documenting events, infractions of rules and any unusual occurrence; acting as a resource for inmate inquiries; and performing other duties as may be assigned.
*      These four Teams are assigned to 12-hour rotating shifts working a minimum of seven days and seven nights in a four-week period. Detention Officers are under the direction and control of a Sergeant and Lieutenant (Tour Commander).
*      All Detention Officers, within one year of their employment, attend the three week Basic Jail course of Instruction and are certified by the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy. Prior to this certification officers are under the direct supervision of a Field Training Instructor, who teaches them everything needed to run a housing unit in the Detention Center. Annual training includes Interpersonal Communication Skills, American Red Cross First Aid and CPR, Defensive Tactics and Detention Center Policies and Procedures. Specialized training is also available in TASER or firearms training.

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Visitation is scheduled by appointment by the inmate 24 hours in advance. Name of visitor(s) must be on the visitation schedule provided by the inmate, or visit will not be allowed. No more than two (2) visitors will be allowed per visit. Out of state visitors’ who present out of state picture I.D. may be granted an unscheduled visit if space is available.

Visiting Hours
Monday- Friday: 12pm- 5pm and 6pm-8pm
Saturday and Sunday: 9am- 12pm and 1pm-5pm

Visitor Rules and Regulations
*      All visitors must properly identify themselves with legal picture ID.
*      Visitors will not enter any areas of the facility except approved routes to and from the visiting area.
*      Visitors under the influence of alcohol and drugs will not be admitted to the facility.
*      Visitors must be at least 17 years of age.
*      Children cannot be left in the Lobby unattended
*      Visitors may not give or receive anything from an inmate.
*      No personal effects such as purses, smoking materials, are allowed in the Detention Center.
*      All visitors are subject to search before entering the Detention Center
*      Members of the Clergy related to an inmate fall under the rules of general visitation
*      Disorderly contact will not be tolerated.


When sending mail to an inmate you must follow these rules.
*      Put your name and return address on the envelope.
*      Put the inmate’s full name (the name in which they were booked in under).
*      Address the envelope like the following example:

John Doe #1231231 C/O
Charleston County Detention Center
3841 Leeds Ave.
Charleston SC, 29405

*      The only mail allowed to be received by inmates are letters only. No packages are accepted at the Detention Center. The only exception to this is pictures. Inmates may receive five (5) but they cannot be Polaroid.
*      Incoming and outgoing mail will be inspected for contraband. Any mail found to contain contraband will be held by the Detention Center and may serve as the basis for disciplinary or criminal charges.