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Bail Bonds: Hot for Teacher or Meth for Teacher?

Thursday, December 8, 2011
Professor Irina Kristy - ExpertBail
Professor Irina Kristy (Photo credit: Boston University/

When Van Halen wrote the song “Hot for Teacher” back in the 1980s, they probably weren’t thinking about this particular 74 year old math professor at Boston University.  The only thing hot about this teacher are the charges she is facing for running a methamphetamine lab out of her home.

BOSTON (CBS) – A 74-year-old professor who has lectured at Boston schools for two decades has been charged with running a methamphetamine lab.

Irina Kristy, who teaches math at Boston University and Suffolk University, will be arraigned next month for allegedly running a meth lab out of her Somerville home.

Kristy’s son Grigory pleaded not guilty to the same charges last month.

Kristy has been placed on administrative leave at both Suffolk and Boston University.

Original article: 74-Year-Old College Teacher Charged With Running Somerville Meth Lab